Jillian Janson was verbally abusive, cruel and insensitive to me after I survived life threatening open heart surgery and spread lies to hurt my reputation in the adult business.

My name is Stoney Curtis, owner of Lethal Hardcore. In my 21 years of being in the Adult industry I have never opened up about my personal life, but now feel as though I have to answer the lies spread about my character and tell the true horrifying story about how I was betrayed by Jillian Janson my close friend while I was facing the worst health crisis of my life.

I asked her to not spread lies about me and to apologize for the horrible behavior she directed at me while I was healing, but she refused. I was left with no choice but to tell my side of story.

On March 24 2014, I went into life threatening open heart surgery to fix my mitral valve, have a double bypass to fix my left circumflex and left ascending anterior artery (the one called the “widow maker” by doctors) and, at the same time, complete a maze procedure to prevent atrial fibrillation. My heart was stopped for 6 hours while they repaired my heart and I lived on a respirator. Surgery lasted 8 hours.

Jillian and I met in December 2013 and she seemed like a sweet and kind girl that wanted some advice on how to protect and advance her career. I realized she was much younger than me to take too seriously but she seemed a like great person to hang with. When she invited me to her apartment I noticed she didn’t have any food so I took her to Ralphs and filled her refrigerator. Then she told me she couldn’t go home for Xmas so I invited her into my home for Christmas parties and treated her like family.
It was after x-mas she gave me a card asking me if I would like to begin dating so I
Yes, let’s have some fun.

If she was low on rent, utilities, cell phone, etc., I offered to help pay them for her. She had me convinced she appreciated it. At this time she decided on her own to stop performing with guys for a while. I decided to take her to the AVN show in Vegas in Jan 2014. But on the day we were leaving she showed up with strep throat and a high fever. I immediately took her to a doctor and got her the shots she needed to cure it. Then I paid the bill in full. I am sure most people would not want to travel with someone sick. In fact, a lot of guys would have booked another girl for the show. I didn’t because I cared for her. She recovered quickly so we were able to go to Vegas. In addition, I also showed her compassion for her back pain complaints. I paid for her visits to various chiropractors.

After my March 24 open heart surgery Jillian was there for me and led me to think she really cared for me. So I began to trust in her and really grew close because I was so sick. After 10 days in Hoag hospital I went home but soon had complications with my lungs and heart irregularities from atrial fibrillation. I went back to hospital again for 5 more days. Over the course of time from April 3 to May 15 I had 4 lung drains and 2 chest drains. Sometimes I was able to walk as long as I could lean on a cane. Usually I had to use a wheel chair.

Around April 14th Jillian went back to work doing boy/girl. After that I noticed she didn’t seem to like to visit anymore. She came less and less. It seemed she felt obligated since she lived in my home rent free and all her bills were being paid. She began to look for little things to fight about, like she wanted a reason to have conflict so she didn’t have to be there anymore.

On May 15th I finally was released and went to my home looking forward to peace and tranquility and seeing Jillian, the person I thought cared about me. Instead I came
in with my in home nurse to find Jillian screaming and yelling at me that she did not want to date me anymore because I was holding back her career and costing her money. She said I had never lived up to my promises of putting her into her own apartment and building her a website. (Even though I had saved her from an eviction
She had coming in her own apt in Hollywood. )

Then it got really personal. She said horrible things like I was too old for her now and not as fun as I use to be. I was shocked she could be so cruel, heartless and selfish
to me after she had seen me suffer with surgery complications for 45 days. I defended myself verbally but that only caused her to start screaming.

I was on 12 different drugs. I got so upset she could say such cruel things that my heart rate and blood pressure began to go out of control. She antagonized me so much I said things I would normally never say to her.

After I calmed down, I said just please go to your agent’s apartment and leave here. She refused saying she would not sleep on his sofa because she had a bad back. So to keep peace I just let her stay. That was a big mistake, she was rude and
disrespectful every day I allowed her to be there. My nurse sat in other room hearing her yell and begged me to get rid of her. But I didn’t listen and let her stay. I guess I was in denial. I thought she still had compassion for me somewhere in her heart.

Now I realize if she really cared for me even a little she would have just left knowing she didn’t want to be with me anymore. That would have prevented all the fighting and the hell she put me through. But she thought only of herself and her own needs. I guess as long as I was healthy and spending money on her, riding her around in my Ferrari, helping her with her bills, and taking her out to nice dinners, I was a fun lovable guy. After I had surgery I wasn’t so fun anymore. When the fun ran out, she ran right out with it.

My surgeon advised me to get rid of all stress in my life since she was hurting my recovery. Finally she agreed to fly back home on May 23rd. She led me to think she was not angry over the earlier arguments and we would be on good terms just as friends. This turned out to be a lie.

It soon got back to me from multiple performers how she was accusing me of hurting her career by not allowing her to do any boy/girl or anal scenes. This is totally untrue. How could I stop her when I was laid up in the hospital? Everyone knows I am a very liberal porn producer and don’t stop the girls I date in the biz from doing guys. In fact, while we were dating, I shot her in multiple BG scenes for Lethal Hardcore! Truth is she quit doing boy/girl for her own personal reasons and told many in Vegas how she needed a long break. After we broke up her agent John and I had conversations and he agreed with me at no point did I ever try to control her career, she quit on her own. We both said she is young and immature and wants to blame others for her actions. But age does not justify her terrible behavior toward a very sick person in recovery.

In fact, her friend “Katie Parker” was so upset she couldn’t attend a party at a club with her because Jillian stayed back to visit with me she texted her “ I hope he has a HEART ATTACK AND DIES”. Wow sweet girl. Jillian was horrified at the time saying to me “ I will never talk to her again she is a horrible person to wish that upon you just because I couldn’t go. Well check Jillian’s twitter, she is now best buddies with her again. I think that sums up Jillian’s character as a person.

In conclusion, now that I am healthier, feeling great and back in the gym exercising again, I have had time to reflect. At this point I realize I could never speak or have any relations with anyone who could get off on kicking me while I was so down. So don’t be fooled by the porn star persona that is “Jillian Janson.” A pretty smile doesn’t always equal a warm kind heart. Common human courtesy would tell a person to not mistreat and be cruel to someone who just suffered through major heart surgery.

As you read this please don’t blame this industry I love for the cruel actions of one performer. This is in no way an attack on adult female talent. Many of my female friends agree that her insensitive verbal abuse toward me was uncalled for. They have encouraged me to get my side of the story out. I believe God dealt me a challenge to see how I would handle real adversity. I also think my life was spared by some higher power since even one of the clogged arteries could have killed me at any moment. I try to make every day a great day and finally put this negativity behind me.

I have received many kind words of healing and love from a lot of talent, company owners, shooters, and other friends in the industry. I thank all of you for your support.

Jillian pictured here, me in hospital going into surgery, pic of the heart surgery.




Stoney Curtis always goes for the gold #realtalk 

Stoney Curtis always goes for the gold #realtalk 


Anonymous asked: How is Velicity Von doing healthwise?

I don’t know holla at her on twitter or something.  Also remember to stay relevant 

Stoney Curtis with Big Snoop Dog Reppin’ Hot Bods and Tailpipes, the series that started it all.  LETHAL HARDCORE ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

Stoney Curtis with Big Snoop Dog Reppin’ Hot Bods and Tailpipes, the series that started it all.  LETHAL HARDCORE ALL DAY EVERY DAY!

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